Best dressed Met gala 2017

Rihanna was literally my favorite from tonights 2017 MET Gala red carpet. I am obsessed with her hair and make up too ! The make up is literally my creative direction for all my In Bloom collection presentations, Riri and I are connected. I tuned in to the red carpet from early and although Katy Perry definitely rose to the occasion i was really disappointed with the dress choices a lot of the other celebrities made following katy most looks were a total snooze fest and definitely not on theme with the celebration of the iconic Rei Kawakubo designer of the highly influential design house comme des garcons. The night was supposed to be about wearing over the top, different and volumious looks but a lot of celebrities opted for a softer tighter look which I thought was strange but Rihanna literally saved the met gala red carpet she literally slayed everyone. I honestly thought it was kinda rude for people attending disregarding the theme and literally wearing the opposite but i guess in the end all that matters is that they donate to the museum. 
Lily collins was my second favorite I just love everything about this look from the hair and make up to the stark contrast between the pink and black I just love it !
Rose byrne's dress is meh but I'm living for her hair and make up !! one of my favorite beauty looks of the night. 
Of course Katy Perry made the cut in this amazing Margiela look ! I really appreciate it because its on theme and just over the top which I was expecting a lot of for this Met gala.


Another person who "got it" was Helen Pharrells wife and anyone who doesnt like her look obviously doesn't get it either.

The Met gala red carpet was just the dose of inspiration that I needed to start out this week on the right foot. 

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