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I took a hiatus from blogging, a rather long one because I have been trying to figure out how I can integrate my shop with my blog and what better way than blogging here on Nathaliajmag.com's blog ! From now on I will no longer blog on www.stylebynathalia.com I am going to leave the blog up but won't be posting on it. 
For the official first nathaliajmag.com blog blogpost I want to talk about where I want to take my label. 
I've been designing for about three years, I've had this shop for about two years and my blog for four years. Ever since I decided to launch my label I've had one goal in mind; to be ethical, good for people animals and the environment. It's been a huge learning curve though because the more I learn about eco friendliness/consciousness the more I am challenged and I actually love that because nothing worth having comes easy. With that said there are big changes coming to Nathalia JMag this year and they're all for the better. starting with integrating this shop with my love of blogging; I will be posting process photos, photoshoots, new discoveries about eco-consciousness design and entrepreneurship, and anything else Nathalia JMag related. Right now I'm in the spring of my life literally and figuratively; there's a lot of changes happening in my life and I look forward to new beginnings this year. 
Thank you for reading,
Nathalia JMag

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