World Environment Day

Since it's #worldenvironmentday I want to share what I've learned so far in my journey to sustainability and give you guys a little insight as to why I'm doing this. I love the environment ever since I was little I have always loved the forest, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean, lakes and rivers I've just always been so amazed by the earth and its beauty. As I grew I realized that as a collective we are not nice to the earth we trash her and expect her to clean herself up. I first came to this realization when I was a senior in high school and learned about mountaintop removal mining, I just couldn't believe that there was companies or there blowing up the tops of so many ancient mountains this appalled me and I started looking into the environmental crisis. I was always "aware" of the problems but I never realiZed that I could do something about it. I then learned that by making small changes I could atleast help a little bit you know don't use plastic, turn off your electronics, take shorter showers, eat less meat (or no meat at all). I started making small changes and at one point or another kind of stopped thinking about it. 


Then I was in college and I was looking to switch my major for the fifth time to fashion design and retailing, I started researching the fashion industry and to my dismay I found out that the fashion industry is the second worse industry in the world when it comes to pollution and usage of resources second to the oil industry ! I was so sad I almost decided not to switch my major I was like "I don't want to be part of an industry to harms the earth I love the earth I want to help it" that's when I had an aha moment and I realized I don't have to be part of the problem I can be part of the solution. Unfortunately the curriculum at Framingham state wasn't heavily influenced by sustainability and I only had one teacher who knew anything about it therefore I graduated with little knowledge on how to be a sustainable designer. I learned zero waste design and up-cycling which I have been using since I graduated, I have saved every scrap I have ever created and when I make patterns I make them so the create as little waste as possible when cutting. After graduating and returning from filming Project runway I started doing more research and I found out that many of the fabrics I've been using aren't the best for the environment. At first this was discouraging and made me really sad but then I decided to come up with creative solutions and seek alternatives. Like this top I made it myself using linen a sustainable fabric, and using a zero waste approach. I'm also taking some courses and I've learned a lot from my most recent researches. Learning more about sustainability has been hard because it caused me to really reevaluate my life. It's not only about fashion and how I run my business it's also about how I live my life, the car I drive, the house I live in, the food I eat, the goods and services I purchase. It truly goes beyond fashion and has made me realize that a lifestyle change must be made in order for me to be truly sustainable but I'm really excited to embark on this journey and not only make my label sustainable but my life.


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Nathalia JMag


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