Guadalupe collection

This collection is a little different than others, there wasn't a specific inspiration for the whole thing but rather each item came about on its own from different experiences and inspirations.

It features one of a kind pieces like the Virgin Mary totes and denim jacket. I am not a religious person but Virgin Mary holds a special place in my heart. I actually have named many of my collections after the different names given to Mary through the world. I love her because she is one of the only religious icons that's a female and for so many other reasons. Anyway this collection features cut and sew pieces made of bamboo a super soft comfortable and breathable textile that is perfect for the summer. It also features up cycled denim pieces that will be made to order to your measurements! There will only be two of the Frilly dress created. The earrings are made of upcycled denim scraps and curtain tassels. Some of the tassels were sourced from local craft shops but the champagne tassel earrings are made of upcycled curtain tassels. 

Huge shoutout to Frank from Irala Photography and Daniels Shot Photography for taking some of these photos and Varelia Valencia for modeling some of the looks!