Revival Collection

This collection is made entirely of destined for landfill blazers plus one pant and one vest. These blazers were sourced from local thrift shops and also acquired from a local tailor who passed away. By purchasing one of these sets you are literally saving a garment from going to the landfill and giving it a whole new life ! Have you ever wondered what it was like to wear your values? Well wonder no more because you will find out what it feels like when you put one of these two piece suits on!! I first came up with this design in 2018 and when I first put it for sale in 2019 the first set sold immediately. I waited too long to drop this collection but that’s okay because it’s here now! Each two piece was made with so much love by me! Although it’s upcycled it still takes time to craft each piece and they’re all ONE IF A KIND JUST LIKE YOU ! When you buy this set, I will tailor it to your size or measurement. By purchasing one of these you will not only look super cute and fashion forward but you will be helping my mission to create clothing that is good for people and the environment !