Season 001

This collection is very special because it is the first collection in which I didn’t make every single piece myself. I have also stopped making things to order and everything from now on will be made in small batches like this collection. Only 2-3 pieces per size were made. This collection has been almost 8 months in the making! I have always dreamed of creating my designs in Colombia my home country, and that is where this collection was made! Through one of my cousins I found a small woman owned business that agreed to take on my very small order. In the fashion industry, most factories wont take your order unless you're making over 12 pieces per size per design and that is not what I was looking to do. Sustainability is still at the core of my brand and creating so many pieces was not what I wanted to do. Moving forward with my brand I want to keep each collection very small and create only a few pieces per size per design. I am so grateful for my cousin Juranny and the woman she introduced me Diana. She is an amazing seamstress, she sews much better than me! Every piece is hand crafted to perfection and checked for quality control. Diana has a small studio where she sews orders with her partner and she outsources cutting to another local woman owned business.