Photographer Mosaab Alsaray 
Everett, MA

Mosaab is internationally published and award winning Fine Art portrait residing in Boston,USA.Mosaab is working as engineer in Pharmaceutical company, but Art and photohraphy are his passion. He focuses on Fine art portraits, dark beauity and fashion photography.
Instagram @mosaabalsarayart
Photographer Justina Guirguis
Justina Guirguis
Milford, MA
Age: 22
Justina Guirguis also known as Crashpop Images is located out of Boston, Massachusetts. This Canon shooter focuses on portraits, documentary and fashion photography. Her goal is to try and surprise herself and others making her next set of photos vastly different from the last.
Make Up Artist Haley Navarro
Age: 22
What I do: I'm a full time student and freelance makeup artist primarily servicing the greater Boston area 
Dreams/Aspirations: I plan to work as a celebrity makeup artist, but more importantly I want to be an international beauty educator. I want to share tips and tricks that I know with men and women worldwide of how to beautify themselves as well as their clients.
Favorite piece: I'm a huge fan of Nathalia's outerwear pieces... from the rock and roll glamour of the mohawked fur jacket to the practicality of the reversible, waterproof coat, they are certainly a few of the most beautiful, unique pieces I've come across.
Instagram @haleymakeupartist
Nail Artists Motif Nails

Motif Nails is comprised of two friends who both share a passion for the art of nail design. Tara Hollins is a 23 year old recent college graduate who has been designing nails since she was a little girl. Tara was given support from her friends and family by painting nails and toes for birthdays, proms, and even weddings. She also aspires to become an elementary school teacher in an urban neighborhood. Kaniah Dunn is a current college student who recently studied abroad in beautiful Brazil. She aspires to work in the community by creating uplifting and engaging events. Having a passion for fashion, she joined with Tara to create Motif Nails. It is known for stepping outside of the social mold and creating eye-catching and captivating nails designs. They hope this entrepreneurial partnership transforms into a national phenomenon. One of Motif Nails’ favorite piece from the collection features Zara Ignatova on a Spin Bicycle because the outfit is super futuristic!

Follow them on Instagram @MotifNails and feel free to email them with any bookings or questions

Model Tina Bell

Tina Bell is a not your conventional model in any way. She has been modeling for 4 years and has recently expanded her brand to include styling, blogging, vlogging, singing, acting, and photographing. In what little spare time she has, she is an avid volunteer and advocate for children who have experienced trauma. Modeling for Nathalia JMag was an absolutely pleasure for Tina Bell since Nathalia’s collection was flawlessly executed. Tina Bell’s favorite pieces would have to be Nathalia’s coats; they are warm, unique, sexy and fashion-forward. Tina Bell is a true believer in helping people of all backgrounds achieve their best self and she does so by giving honest, practical, and positive advice on her YouTube Channel and blog. Follow her journey and help her jump start yours through her various social media outlets:
IG: @TinaBellModel
FB: /TinaBellCreations
Model Aner Martino
Hello my name is Aner Martino, I'm 21 years old, and I'm from Boston MA. I'm a one of a kind dreamer, living my life to the fullest and constantly discovering new things about myself on a daily basis. I currently work at Louis Vuitton by day, while establishing myself as a nightlife figure here in the city by night. I'm all about expressing myself, and I've found that crazy makeup and costumes allow me to do so! I thrive off social activity; meeting new people is something I'm all about.  I have an associates degree in communications, and plan on continuing my education to obtain a bachelor's degree.

My favorite aspect of the collection is how versatile each piece is. Each garment is able to tell a story on its own, but they all compliment each other. The color choice is fun and vibrant, with neutral touches to bring the ensemble together. I would have to say the fur coat is my favorite piece of the collection; very high fashion.

Snatch a glance at my crazy, beautiful life by following me on Instagram: anermartino