How Nathalia JMag is Sustainable and Ethical

Sustainability and taking care of the planet and people has been at the center of the brand since day one. When Nathalia started Nathalia JMag in 2016 she knew that she wanted her brand to be good for people animals and the environment and she has been striving for this since the start.

To Nathalia JMag sustainability means considering the environment when creating new collections and new pieces. Meaning JMag does not use textiles that harm the environment, tries to produce zero to minimal waste when creating and we use natural dyes when possible. 

She started out by incorporating zero-waste design and up-cycling into her design process. After learning more about sustainable fashion practices she incorporated deadstock materials and natural dyeing into her process and natural organic textiles.

At Nathalia JMag everything we create is Made to Order- meaning we do not hold stock, every order is created once it is placed. 

Nathalia JMag is an ethical fashion brand because everything is created by Nathalia herself in her in-home studio. In the future when the volume of our orders grows we will look into hiring local seamstresses or seamstresses in Colombia, Nathalia's native country.