Natural dyeing

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Interested in learning how to dye garments with natural dyes but don't know where to start? I have been experimenting with natural dyes since 2017 and have become an expert on dyeing with cochineal and turmeric. If you are interested in demystifying natural dyeing then this is a workshop that will help elevate your creativity and teach you a new skill. 

Stop wondering what its like to use natural dyes and unleash your inner alchemist! The live workshop costs only $150 and a one on one consultation will cost only $265 for those of you who want more attention and coaching. 

In this workshop or one on one session you will learn the process of dyeing with cochineal and turmeric from garment preparation, mordanting, prepping the dye and storing dye baths for later use. 

I will teach you the dyeing process as I learned it from trial and error.  Every designer has a different process but there are true and tried steps that you can learn to dye your plain or stained clothing to perfection!

Live workshop date is January 29th 2022. If you book a one on one session please email me ( so we can coordinate the best time to meet that works for both of us.

Both the live workshop and one on one sessions will run from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. 

*for this workshop you do not need any prior sewing, or fashion design skills*